Hey west coast hoes, I’m comin’ for you the first weekend of August with a fresh batch of beats that’s gonna make you all kinds of sweaty. It’s my brother Gehno Aviance’s 40th birthday Friday the 3rd and Mother Juan, Kevin and I will be flying in for a LEGENDARY night with Gehno, Juanita More and Jason Kendig at BeatBox.
Then straight on to Romper Room for afters where Gehno & I will play till dawn.
Saturday night I will be playin Rebel from 12-4 for TITS…bring yours to the dancefloor for the full journey, and dress to move!
Sunday evening I’ll be joining Gehno for Squealin’ Sundays @ Powerhouse and on Monday you can catch me at Viennetta Discoteque gettin all kinds of deep with Robert Jeffrey & Stanley Frank.

Hope to see all your beautiful faces on the floor for this 4-day BeatDown!!

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